XIS-1517 at the 2010 Winter Olympics

The Astrophysics XIS-1517 was selected as the x-ray system of choice for large pallet screening applications at the upcoming 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Astrophysics was selected to provide numerous XIS-1517 units which will be used for screening incoming vendors.

The XIS-1517 is the premier heavy duty-x-ray inspection system designed for screening crates and pallet-sized objects at airports, seaports and large-scale security screening locales. Astrophysics was awarded this bid for meeting precise machine dimensions and most importantly, for our competitive price and expedited lead time.

The systems will be on site from January 24 through March 24, 2010. Significantly, these units are being leased for the 2010 Winter Olympics and will be available for sale at a discounted price. The 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics is the second time that Astrophysics has been selected for an Olympic venue.