TSA Qualifies XIS-6545DV and XIS-100XDV

Astrophysics has 5 XIS Series models pending qualification while the XIS-6545DV and XIS-100XDV have already been qualified by TSA. The XIS-6545DV and XIS-100XDV may be used by airlines, freight forwarders and other cargo carriers to comply with the August 2010 deadline.

The XIS-6545DV and XIS-100XDV provide unsurpassed performance and value, all at the lowest possible cost of ownership. The XIS-6545DV and XIS-100XDV are multi-purpose systems with dual 19” LCD color monitors which generate two perspectives per object, allowing operators to screen objects with precision and speed. Unlike similar systems, the XIS Series includes unprecedented  standard features, including 6 Color Imaging.

Furthermore, the XIS Series standard features include user-friendly Windows XP software, edge enhancement imaging, material discrimination, 50,000 image archive, and real time continuous diagnostics.

Astrophysics XIS-6546DV and 100XDV are the ideal x-ray systems to provide incredible performance, image clarity, and feature-rich programs for the upcoming August 2010 deadline. Astrophysics is committed to meeting the demands of the security market and has especially designed the XIS Series to assist airline companies and Certified Cargo Screening Facilities in providing unmatched security detection. Ultimately, Astrophysics is ready to meet the security demands of tomorrow, and to assist the air cargo industry in continuing to improve America’s safety.