TSA Qualifies an Additional 6 Astrophysics Systems

As of September, 2012 an additional six Astrophysics systems have been qualified by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).  Astrophysics already has 12 XIS systems previously qualified, bringing the total to 18 TSA qualified systems. With this approval from TSA, the six new systems are placed on the Air Cargo Screening Technology List (ACSTL).

The six systems approved include the XIS-100XDX, XIS-1080D, XIS-1517 200kV, XIS-1517DV  200kV, XIS-1818DV  200kV, and the 6545VI.  Astrophysics Inc. continues to expand its product offering to include a full range of TSA qualified Air Cargo screening systems.

The six screening systems above are added to the dozen other systems previously qualified by the TSA including: the XIS- 6545DV, XIS-100XDV, XIS-6040, XIS-6545, XIS-5878, XIS-7858, XIS-1080, XIS-100X, XIS-100XD, XIS-1517, XIS-1818, and the XIS-1818 320kV.

The updated ACSTL allows the air cargo industry, including airlines and freight forwarders, the opportunity to review a more comprehensive list of qualified systems and select the necessary equipment that best suits their needs, timeline and budget. As outlined in Public Law 110-53, the Transportation Security Administration mandated one hundred percent of cargo flown on passenger planes must be screened to a level of security commensurate with that of checked baggage. Astrophysics Director of Engineering and Government Programs, Simon Bedford has been actively working with TSA to stay current with the latest air cargo requirements and expectations.