TSA Qualifies 10 Additional XIS Systems

Astrophysics already had two XIS systems qualified by TSA, the 6545DV and the 100XDV.As of May 25, an additional ten Astrophysics systems have been qualified and placed on the Version 5.0 Air Cargo Screening Qualified Technology List (ACSQTL).

These XIS systems include the XIS-6040, XIS-6545, XIS-5878, XIS-7858, XIS-1080, XIS-100X, XIS-100XD, XIS-1517, XIS-1818, and the XIS-1818 320kV. The product range above offers small and medium capacity systems for piece level inspection as well as large cargo systems for pallet screening.

The updated ACSQTL allows the air cargo industry, including airlines and freight forwarders, the opportunity to review a more comprehensive list of qualified systems and select the necessary equipment that most suits their needs, timeline and budget. Astrophysics is confident its XIS systems present the obvious and absolute choice: the most technologically advanced systems on the market, with the best lead times, and competitive pricing.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) mandated one hundred percent of cargo flown on passenger planes must be screened at piece or pallet level. Astrophysics Director of Engineering and Government Programs Simon Bedford has actively been working with TSA to remain updated on the latest air cargo requirements and expectations. With the best lead times in the industry at just 2-3 weeks for most systems, Astrophysics is expected to play a large role in the push for air cargo screening.