Transec 2012

November 14-15, 2012
Olympia, London, UK

The Transport Security Expo and Conference (Transec) has been the premier international event bringing focus and clarity to the complex and multifaceted task of ensuring utmost security across public transportation and supply chain networks for the past decade.

Within the heavily interconnected and interdependent world of the global transportation industry, this is the only event to deliver a holistic examination of the dynamic and continually evolving threat faced from acts of terrorism and incidence of organised and opportunistic criminal activity.

We bring the world's leading experts from government, the military, security services, law enforcement and academic circles face to face with the aviation, maritime and public transport industries annually, to assess the threat level, examine the countermeasures we have in place and, where necessary, recommend alternate strategies to ensure a robust defence posture.

Transport Security Expo comprises an extensive conference and knowledge centric workshop programme, supported by one of the largest dedicated technology exhibitions held in the European region each year.