U.S. BOP Orders 67 XIS-1517 200kV

In September 2011, the U.S. Bureau of Prisons (BOP) awarded Astrophysics a contract for 67 XIS-1517 200kV x-ray inspection systems, including a 5 year service contract. The systems will be utilized by BOP correctional facilities throughout the United States.

The BOP was impressed by the ability of the XIS-1517 200kV to provide an effective solution to the “bouncing pallet” problem. As large tunnel systems are commonly used for warehouse and food service screening, many smaller pallets tend to bounce on the large roller tables- creating a distorted x-ray image. Conversely, with Astrophysics improved roller table spacing, the XIS-1517 200kV produces a clear x-ray image. In addition, Astrophysics offers a stronger 200kV generator for increased penetration and heightened detection at an incredible value.