XIS-1517 200kV

The XIS-1517 200kV is the premier heavy duty X-Ray Inspection System with a tunnel opening of 150 cm x 170.2 cm (59” x 67”). The XIS-1517 200kV is especially designed for screening crates, cargo and pallet sized objects at all security sites, including airports and customs locations.

With a low conveyor height of just 38.3 cm (15”) above floor level, loading and unloading of heavy freight is simple. With a 200kV generator, the XIS-1517 200kV boasts superior penetration.

The XIS-1517 200kV consistently delivers high quality imaging and outstanding performance. The XIS-1517 200kV is your solution to advanced cargo
screening. *Also available with a generator output of 180kV or 320kV.