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We know that in security, every minute counts. That is why Astrophysics has a comprehensive approach to service. We work to provide a courteous, helpful and prompt response to your service inquiries and to ensure all your concerns are effectively addressed. We also work to find new ways to improve our service response times and create service friendly systems that make servicing your system faster and easier. Astrophysics recognizes that great service is the cornerstone of productive long term relationships with our customers and continuously strive to provide the highest quality customer service.

For all your service needs, the first step in contacting Astrophysics Service is to call our Customer Call Center at +1 (909) 527-6750. Astrophysics maintains a team of in-house coordinators and support technicians to assist customers in troubleshooting, scheduling product training, requesting on-site service, technical sales and more. Astrophysics is dedicated to providing the highest quality customer service and a fast resolution to your service needs.

Our technicians undergo a complex Technical Training and are thoroughly tested on their knowledge prior to being deployed in the field. Curriculum includes classroom instruction, demonstrations, and hands-on sessions to demonstrate student understanding of system equipment, common troubleshooting issues, service parts, repair and more. Service routinely conducts factory training for visiting technicians from around the globe, as well as periodic on-site regional seminars to ensure all technicians have access to new technology advancements and service updates.

Astrophysics systems are serviced by factory certified Field Service Technicians. Astrophysics certified Field Service Technicians are locally placed in more than 100 countries to provide an immediate customer service response. Moreover, our systems have a commonality of parts, namely off-the shelf components that are globally available- instead of proprietary company parts that require you pay more and wait for timely shipping. This smart serviceability allows us to provide faster and more cost effective service to our customers.

We offer full training support including monthly standard maintenance training and quarterly advanced maintenance training. Training classes are conducted at our headquarters in California on Monday-Friday from 9am-4pm. Classes include classroom instruction, hands-on demonstrations and a test before receiving a Certificate of Completion. If your location does not justify in-house training, or if you prefer an Astrophysics Technician, we can provide full maintenance support.

Astrophysics Service provides technical sales including system upgrades, warranties and spare parts orders.
Upgrades- Upgrades include a complete line of hardware and software improvements that update your system technology.
Warranties- Astrophysics provides Silver and Gold level warranties for both domestic and international customers.
Spare Parts- Astrophysics distributors with a factory certified Field Service Technician may submit spare parts orders to ensure an adequate inventory for efficient global support service.

Our Service team is continuously improving to provide you a superior customer service experience. We invite our customers to complete a brief Customer Feedback survey to learn about your experience and how we can better serve you in the future.


"The professionalism and people skills of Astrophysics service team made the job so easy. I am very happy to say that the installation, training, and operation was perfect, no problems at all."

-Iceland Customs

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