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TSA Qualifies an Additional 6 Astrophysics Systems

As of September, 2012 an additional six Astrophysics systems have been qualified by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).  Astrophysics already has 12 XIS systems previously qualified, bringing the total to 18 TSA qualified systems. With this approval from TSA, the six new systems are placed on the Air Cargo Screening Technology List (ACSTL).

CA AOC Awards 5 Year Contract

In May Astrophysics was awarded the 5 year contract from the California Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC), the largest court system in the world. Astrophysics will install and service the courthouses with its XIS-6545 model, the ultimate checkpoint security system.

U.S. BOP Orders 67 XIS-1517 200kV

In September 2011, the U.S. Bureau of Prisons (BOP) awarded Astrophysics a contract for 67 XIS-1517 200kV x-ray inspection systems, including a 5 year service contract. The systems will be utilized by BOP correctional facilities throughout the United States.

U.S. Air Force Orders 66 XIS-7858

The U. S. Air Force awarded Astrophysics Inc. a contract for 66 XIS-7858 x-ray inspection systems in September 2011. The systems will be installed at 15 bases domestically and 16 or more bases internationally for inspection of all carry-on and checked passenger baggage.

Astrophysics Awarded DHS Contract

On February 11, 2011 Astrophysics Inc. was awarded a multi-million contract from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate for the projected 24 month development of a Multi-View and CT Capable (MVCTC) air cargo pallet inspection system.

Talma Celebrates XIS-1818 in Air Cargo

Talma, a leading air cargo transport company throughout Peru, has published an article on their website highlighting their investment and successful use of an XIS-1818 inspection system for pallet screening.

TSA Qualifies 10 Additional XIS Systems

Astrophysics already had two XIS systems qualified by TSA, the 6545DV and the 100XDV.As of May 25, an additional ten Astrophysics systems have been qualified and placed on the Version 5.0 Air Cargo Screening Qualified Technology List (ACSQTL).

TSA Qualifies XIS-6545DV and XIS-100XDV

Astrophysics has 5 XIS Series models pending qualification while the XIS-6545DV and XIS-100XDV have already been qualified by TSA. The XIS-6545DV and XIS-100XDV may be used by airlines, freight forwarders and other cargo carriers to comply with the August 2010 deadline.