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Compact and mobile systems for mailroom and small parcel inspection to detect contraband, narcotics and other threat materials.

Checkpoint inspection of incoming personnel, visitor or traveler belongings, including backpacks, laptop bags, purses and luggage.

Inspection systems with an increased tunnel size for screening baggage, oversized luggage and large crates and parcels.

TSA qualified systems for cargo screening of boxes, freight and pallets. Dual view and high penetration systems are available.

Mobile screening solutions for quick and efficient security at borders, customs sites, entertainment and sporting events.

Astrophysics Inc.

Founded in 2002 by an Imaging Scientist, Astrophysics Inc. provides the highest quality technology at an incredible value. We design and manufacture x-ray systems for diverse security application ranging from mailroom and checkpoint, to large baggage, cargo inspection and mobile screening. All Astrophysics systems are made in the U.S. from domestic and foreign components for the best in detection, performance and reliability. From quote to delivery, install to follow-up, we want to ensure you are impressed by the quality of our customer service, after sales support, service capability and product value. Contact us today to find your security solution.